We will be more than happy to transfer all Your current infrastructure to a virtual environment free of charge. What is more – 3-month FREE maintenance and administration will also be provided for Your convenience.

All new clients get 5 virtual workplaces for 6 months – FREE of charge!

Entrust Your IT Infrastructure to our specialists - we will take care of all Your company's resource needs

Over 70% of all global businesses utilize these solutions already by using at least one software unit that is based on a cloud, according to “International Data Group” – an international consulting firm. Lithuania is among the leading players in the game of adoption of the technology.

Important to mention the main benefits of cloud computing: cost-cutting, stability, versatility along reliability. Using our solutions that are cloud-based, Your business is sure to get all resources that are vital to lead the industry without hefty investments. We partnered with IT industry giants and could provide You with the following solutions: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, as well as, Digital Ocean.

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