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Cyber Security

Every day we see reports on the news of large global corporations being hacked or otherwise exploited. That sort of attacks is even more common in national security, government or state institutions systems. To prevent serious damage it is vital to make sure all weak spots are protected with particularly sophisticated IT solutions. Often administrators of such complex systems fall short of competence to ensure high levels of online security. Our team is ready to take a step further and provide your organization with the necessary missing parts of maximum data protection. Here is what we do:

  • Sensitive data, files, databases protection.
  • External system penetration prevention.
  • Secure private network solutions.
  • Website and mobile apps protection.


Cloud computing

Over 70% of all global business utilize these solutions already by using at least one software unit that is based on a cloud, according to International Data Group”  – an international consulting firm. Lithuania is among the leading players in the game of adoption of the technology.

Important to mention the main benefits of cloud computing: cost-cutting, stability, versatility along with reliability. Using our solutions that are cloud-based, your business is sure to get all resources that are vital to lead the industry without hefty investments. We partnered with IT industry giants and could provide you with the following solutions: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, as well as, Digital Ocean.

We will be more than happy to transfer all your current infrastructure to a virtual environment free of charge. What is more – 3-month FREE maintenance and administration will also be provided for your convenience.

All new clients get 5 virtual workplaces for 6 months – FREE of charge!


Digital marketing

Online advertising is a way to go for all innovative companies but where to start?

Statistically, only 3 first pages are checked in any search engine while looking for information. If a business is result oriented, having free-flowing marketing without high performance is a waste of money and time. Our focus is providing the top performing digital advertising that will bring your corporate website to the very top of all search engines.

SEO is a process of optimization that is essential to increase the results of your website appearance in Google. Our team is ready to provide the best practices in order to maximize the effectiveness of all advertising channels that are chosen to match our clients corporate needs. Attracting the right audience is an art as much as its a skill in order to boost your brand awareness and sales.


IT inrastructure administration

Information technology is the key element for facilitating everyday tasks. That is only possible if all systems are maintained according to the highest standards of security and innovation. We will make sure to provide you with all updates, upgrades and the newest implementations of technological advancement.

Highly skilled experts will take care of the necessary operational systems configurations, monitoring and general maintenance in a timely manner.

We understand the value of back-up information storage and retrieve in case of a serious technical break down. Our clients need not worry about any of those things due to our expertise in eliminating unnecessary risks or restoring IT systems from 3rd parties caused damage.



We provide professional IT systems monitoring — by actively observing the performance of all systems we are able to foresee and prevent unnecessary issues. As a great example, we would be informing our client if their storage is about to get fully loaded and additional steps are necessary to make to avoid unwanted interruptions.

Simply speaking, monitoring gives a proper chance to inspect all aspects of IT infrastructure proactively. It enables to eliminate failures promptly if such happen as well as prevent systems from unexpected halt by minimizing the reaction time.


Programming & Automation

Like us, our clients are oriented to lead the market and perform as best as possible in their segment of the industry. In order to become a leader, one must adopt the most technologically advanced methods of operation. Most tasks nowadays can be automated to save time and cost of performance. We recommend this service in order to simplify the management of processes and to increase the efficiency of communication between systems.

If you believe that such tasks as client relations, orders, inquiries, stock and production, logistics or real estate management could potentially be optimized, you most likely are right. Get in touch with us — we will evaluate your corporate processes and offer the most time and cost saving solutions.

Implementation of automation of processes is way simpler than it sounds, therefore — let us help you to succeed.


Computer network design and installation

Designing a reliable corporate computer network is a complex task. In order to make all processes run smoothly, it is necessary to ensure that all works have been performed by professionals of their field. We are, for this reason, pleased as our team consists of highly skilled experts with in-depth expertise in installation of even the most complicated systems.

All our team members bear international certificates of impeccable performance to ensure top works quality making it our privilege. Among all tasks, we could effortlessly configure firewalls, merge separate corporate branches IT infrastructure for increased efficiency and isolate critical IT resources from the main computer network.

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